Window Decor

A shop window should be one of the strongest retail selling tools.  But too often they become a makeshift storage space or worse still display the back of a fridge or display racking.

But by using Window Decor, now you can turn any window into prime Point of Sale. 

If you still want to be able to see OUT of the window, we recommend using One-Way Vision Decor. From the outside it looks solid, but from the inside you can still see what going on outside your shop.

Or why not look at our 'Frosted Glass' Window Decor for a stylish alternative.

Because we digitally print each piece of Window Decor and they are made to measure, you can personalise each one with photographs or text.

All of our Window Decor is UV Protected, and has an anti-vandal laminate coating to help keep it looking great.

And we can help you design your Window Decor to make sure you get the right image for your business.  Just CONTACT US for more information.

Examples of One-Way Vision


Examples of Solid Borders and Solid Full and Half Windows




Examples of 'Frosted Glass'  Window Decor                 


Examples of Full Window Designs