External Shop Signs

When you advertise and promote your business, it's important that the appearance of your premises matches your customers' expectations.

CJ Strain & Son can provide you with a full range of quality signage which will present a professional image for your company and the services you provide.

All signs are made from high quality materials which will withstand the rigours of life on the average High Street, and will look great for years to come.


Framed Aluminium Fascia.  Powder coated and using vinyl letters with a 7-10 year lifespan, these signs are of the best possible quality.


Di Bond Fascia.  These long-lasting signs are not just hardwearing, but because they are made from aluminium (for light weight strength) and covered in plastic (which allows bright colours and lettering) you can be sure they will look great for years to come

Brass Swan Lights. A classic look to brighten up your shop sign

Trough Lighting. A discreet way to illuminate your shop sign.


Trough Lighting. A discreet way to illuminate your shop sign.


Fascia tray.  Frameless shop signage, available in either Aluminium or Dibond.


Illuminated Fascia with Lightbox.  Made with Perspex panels which allow the light to shine out, attracting customers' eyes.


Dog Park.  Award winning Point of Sale.  A very useful feature for outside shops.  While their masters are in buying a paper, the dog can be tied up outside the shop.  And your sales message is there all of the time.  Alternative images can be used to suit your company.


Foamex Fascia with Panatrim.  A low-cost option for shop front, but still providing a great professional image.


Dutch Style Canopy.  Made with back weave fabric which means it is vandal resistant and very hard wearing.  Backed with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee.  Available either ridged or retractable.  We do not recommend 'wet look' material as it has a shorter lifespan and does not wear as well as back weave canopies.


Football Hoardings.  Made from hardwearing Foamex, these low cost signs are ideal for sponsorship deals and longer-term temporary signage. 


Illuminated Projection Boxes.  We have a wide variety of choices available for this type of sign. We only use moulded panels as we find that they give a more even illumination.  Double sided. Please CONTACT US to discuss your individual requirements.


Wrought Iron Projection.  Ideal for signage in Conservation area.  The traditional look of this sign helps it to fit in with olde style shop fronts. Double sided.


Roller Shutter Fascias.  Available in Aluminium, DiBond or Foamex.  They are a great way to brighten up roller shutter boxes.


Bus Stop signs.  One of our best sellers.  They are a low cost way to catch passing customers' attention, and because they are made of Aluminium they will stand up to everything the average street can throw at them.


Flat Cut or Moulded Letters.  These can also be backlit using LEDs to provide gentle illumination with a real touch of style.


Freestanding Plate and Post Signage.  Made from Aluminium to ensure a long trouble free life.  Other designs available.  CONTACT US for more information.


Ash Monolith Small - Ideal for Car Parks or Road Entrances


Ash Curved Wall Sign - ideal for entrances and internal signage


Ash Curved Fascia - Upmarket alternative to usual shop signage. Can be illuminated.


Ash Curved Projection - Stylish alternative to Bus Stop type sign