Display Stands

So what makes our Display Stands just so special?

Simply this.  We make them using PETG (Polycarbonate) which means they are very, very strong.  All of our Display Stands are made from 5mm PETG.

Today it is even more vital that your brand is visible in convenience stores and supermarkets.  What better way to do this than to have your display stands jointly branded with the store's own logo as well as your own. 

All of our Display stands are bolted together, which means that in the unlikely event that they are broken, you can simply replace the part...not the whole unit.

Available as either 2, 3 or 4 tier stand, suitable for either tabloid or broadsheets newspapers


2 tier stand Tabloid                CJS 4

2 tier stand Broadsheet          CJS 5

2 tier stand Tabloid Tall          CJS 14

2 tier stand Broadsheet Tall    CJS 15


3 tier stand Tabloid                CJS 9

3 tier stand Broadsheet          CJS 11


Foamex Dumpbins are the low cost option for displaying magazines and newspapers.  Ideal for any promotions, they ensure that your newspaper is professionally presented and sitting in a sales 'hot spot'.  They are strong and robust enough to withstand all that life can throw at them on the shopfloor.


PETG Dumpbins are there for the sales positions that require to hold large numbers of newspapers.  Local Weeklies and high circulation dailies and Sundays will appreciate the benefits of having large amounts of copies always on sale, not lying in a stockroom.


Foamex Counter Tops are there for when it's more important to be on the counter with a small number of newspapers, these simple yet stylish counter top trays are ideal.  Low cost, but still able to capitalise on the impulse purchase at the till.


Mobile PETG Units.  Ideal for shops where space is at a premium, or for temporary high selling times.  Made with hardwearing PETG, these units will not let you down.  Units can be supplied with angled shelves to allow better display of front pages, or flat for maximum


Spring Loaded Metal Dumpbins are ideal for large volumes of papers that require to be perfectly presented all of the time.  The newspapers sit on a spring-loaded shelf that moves the newspapers up as they are sold.  No more leaning into a dumpbin to reach for your newspaper.